Swim with turtles, get up close and personal with lizards, immerse your students in habitats to explore animals and all their incredible and unique features!

Poison Dart Frogs

Bright, beautiful and deadly! Get up close with various types of poisonous frogs from the safety of your classroom!

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Asian Grass Lizard

Can you find all the lizards hidden in this habitat? See how this creature uses camouflage to protect itself from predators!

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Bearded Dragon

No need to watch out for fire-breathing here! Immerse yourself in the habitat of this very friendly lizard!

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Turtle Habitat

Bask on a warm rock or dive-in with these incredible amphibians!

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Veiled Chameleon

Discover all the amazing adaptations that help this lizard survive! Just watch out for that tongue!

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Crested Gecko

You don’t have to be able to walk on walls to get up close and personal with this lizard in its habitat!

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