Explore how our amazing planet is constantly changing! Take your students all over the world to see the processes that are continuously forming our dynamic Earth!

Rock Layer and Fossils

From ancient sea creatures to dinosaurs, see how the story of our planet unfolds in the layers of our earth!

Changes in the Earth -Examples

Our planet is constantly changing! Explore the evidence left behind as our earth is shaped by wind and water!

Changes in the Earth – Ice Melt and Erosion

Explore the awesome power of water as it speeds down the side of a mountain, or explore a quiet lake made from decades of snow melting!

Life in the Great Sand Dune

Hundreds of years of wind and erosion have created these massive dunes! How can anything survive in such a harsh environment? Come find out!

Adams Falls

Immerse yourself in the beautiful and awesome power of water as it cascades off cliffs and travels onward to the sea!

Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park

Come for the concerts, stay for the incredible rock formations! Explore what makes these massive rock structures so amazing!