New to Virtual Tours? This is a great place to start! These ready-made activities are created with information for students already built into each tour! Simply share the link and immerse your students in a fully interactive 360 environment!

Rabbit River Preserve – STREAM School

Students from Hamilton schools take you on a journey through this amazing nature preserve! Learn about the unique animals and habitats that make this ecosystem so incredible and learn how you can help protect this important environment!

Asian Grass Lizard

Visit the habitat of this speedy lizard to see how it’s camouflage and other adaptations help it to survive in the wild! Can you find them all?

Veiled Chameleon

Get up close and personal with this lizard to see how it uniquely adapted to survive in it’s environment! Just watch out for that sticky tongue!

Sustainable Farming and Our Environment

Visit Plainsong Farm to see walk through the fields and see how these farmers are using sustainable practices to help support native plant growth and protect their local ecosystems!

Lighthouse Adventure

A storm is coming in and a ship is in danger! Climb the steps of a lighthouse to see how scientists can use light and sounds to warm sailors out at sea!

Sun, Energy, and Temperature

See how the energy from our nearest star can affect the Earth and its temperature and discover the changes that take place as day turns to night!

Weather – Collecting Data

Visit Luton Park in Michigan to collect information on precipitation, temperature, and wind speeds over time!

Weather – Storms

A storm is on the horizon! Powerful and sometimes dangerous, see how storms are formed!

Water Bodies

Explore the various types of water bodies found throughout the Earth and discover what makes each one so unique!

Changes in the Earth – Examples

Travel around the world to see different examples of how our incredible planet is changing over time!

Changes in the Earth – Ice Melt and Erosion

Explore the awesome power of water as it speeds down the side of a mountain, or explore a quiet lake made from decades of snow melting!

Rock Layers and Fossils

From ancient sea creatures to dinosaurs, see how the story of our planet unfolds in the layers of our earth!

Michigan Habitats

Travel to the Great Lakes state to visit some of the most beautiful and unique ecosystems on the planet!

Life in the Great Sand Dune

Hundreds of years of wind and erosion have created these massive dunes! How can anything survive in such a harsh environment? Come find out!

Plant Diversity

From the tallest mountain to the deepest valley, from the driest deserts to the deepest oceans, explore how plants ha adapted to survive in some of the most unexpected places!